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New Book: FINNS ABROAD - New Forms of Mobility and Migration


Elli Heikkilä & Saara Koikkalainen (eds.):

FINNS ABROAD - New Forms of Mobility and Migration

Publisher: Institute of Migration (Series: Migration Studies C 21) - 224 pages

This edited book aims at broadening our understanding of Finnish emigration and the multitude of different types of transnational mobility that Finns engage in, which is a distinctive feature of our times. The days when entire villages in the peripheries had to contemplate international migration to a single destination as a survival strategy are long gone. Current migration from Finland is much more diverse, as people make individual choices with their own motivations for undertaking international mobility.

FINNS ABROAD – New Forms of Mobility and Migration takes you, our reader, on a trip that spans over four continents and explores different types of mobility, such as marriage and family migration, company secondments and highly-skilled migration.

  • Price: 20 € + mailing
  • Orders:
Institute of Migration/
Satu Löppönen
e-mail: satu.lopponen(at)
tel. 02-2840 440


Labouring Finns Book C20

Table of Contents


  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Finns abroad – the profile of emigrants and their thoughts about returning to Finland (Elli Heikkilä)
  • Chapter 2: Finns in Sweden and Switzerland – between cosmopolitans and locals (Krister Björklund)
  • Chapter 3: Highly skilled Finns in the European labor market: why do they move abroad? (Saara Koikkalainen)
  • Chapter 4: Between cultures – place experiences of the Finns in Ireland (Salla Saarela)
  • Chapter 5: “A Yankee boy promised me everything except the moon.” Changing marriage patterns of Finnish migrants in the U.S. in the twentieth century (Johanna Leinonen)
  • Chapter 6: Finns in Silicon Valley: motivations and identities in relation to place (Carol Marie Kiriakos)
  • Chapter 7: Encountering difference. Nordic privileged migrants in Indian mega-cities (Nicol Foulkes)
  • Chapter 8: Contemporary emigration on the family level: Finnish expatriate families (Anu Warinowski)
  • Chapter 9: Alcoholic expatriate Finns’ life and destiny in Sweden and Australia (Leena Vuorinen)
  • Chapter 10: Finnish linguistic and cultural identity in multicultural Australia (Tiina Lammervo)
  • Chapter 11: Organizing a transnational advocacy network. A glance into the Finnish Expatriate Parliament and its member associations (Sanna-Mari Vierimaa)
  • Contributors
07 Feb 2012

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