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The emigrant register Internet databases

The emigrant databases are free to search for names. Access to the rest of the information requires the payment of the yearly user fee of 20 €. Payment can be made through our Web Store.

 Limited search (free)

 Full search (20 €)

 How to pay? Payment and registration

What do I get for the user fee?

Registered customers can search for information in the following databases:

  • Passenger lists (318,000 records)
  • Passport records (278,000 records)
  • References to books and newspapers (19,000 records)
  • Register of Australian Finns (3,800 records)
  • Register of New Zealand Finns (1,100 records)
  • Finnish Russians 1930-1950 (8,000+ records)
  • Martyrology of Ingrian Finns (6,100+ records)New!
  • Forest Finns in Sweden in the 16th & 17th century (1,500)

NOTE! The payment also includes guidance and counseling for self-searching the databases of the Institute. Instead, the payment DOES NOT include the actual database search conducted by the genealogist or other personnel of the Institute. Such a search costs 30-60 euros depending on the time spent and the amount of information found. Of this work a separate invoice will be sent to the customer.

  Additional information on the emigrant databases
  Paying the user fee and registration


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