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The European Web Site on Integration

The European Web Site on Integration

The successful integration of third-country nationals legally residing in the Member States of the European Union is vital to strengthening freedom, security and justice in Europe.

The European Web Site on Integration provides you with a collection of Good Practices and a wide variety of tools and useful information to make integration work.

Go to the Web Site:

European Web Site on Integration

The web site includes for example:

  • Funding opportunities for integration projects.
  • A documentation library for integration-related documents (legislation, reports, policy papers, etc).
  • Examples of integration “good practice” in a range of thematic areas. If you have a project that could be included you can do on “Share Info” page of the site.
  • A directory of other members of the integration community around Europe, including potential project partners.

You can also do a search across relevant integration web sites from around the EU; useful if you want to widen your information search to include EU national and civil society sites.

The web site is in English, French and German. It is possible to have there materials in other languages, too, like in Finnish.

  • Institute of Migration, Finland, and me as a designated Country Co-ordinator for Finland is willing get materials for this web site (good practices, research reports, news, events etc.).
  • I can add them to the web site. Other possibility is that you register yourself as an active user and propose and send there in the web site different materials dealing with integration.

    You can find the template for good practices by clicking the link below.

    Thank you in advance for your materials for this European Commission's new Web Site on Integration!

    Best regards,

    Lilli Kojo
    Information Specialist
    Institute of Migration, Finland

    28 Apr 2014

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