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The Archives

The aims of the Institute of Migration Archives are to collect and store different kinds of material relating to the lives of migrants and to their point of departure, and to maintain contacts with other archives.

 Contact: Archivist Jarno Heinilä
Online Picture Gallery
 Historical books on Finnish emigrationand Finns abroad
   (downloadable pdf' files)

The archives contained at the end of 2012 about 1,800 archival entities received as donations or by other means. The documents encompass more than 200 meters of shelf space. The archives grow continuously with donations. Additional material is gathered in connection with research projects and other acquisitions of the institute.

 Archival inventory (pdf, in Finnish only)

   - USA
   - Ruotsi

Except documents, the archive had the following collections:

  • Documents (over 200 meters of shelf space)
  • Letters: ca. 14,000
  • Postcards: ca.1,700
  • Photographs: almost 15,000 (examples in the picture gallery)
  • Collection of photo slides: 2,500 slides about migration and 4,500 slides unrelated to migration
  • Microfilms: 5 different entities encompassing ca. 130 reels.
  • Floppy disks
  • Audio Records
  • AV-collections
  • Emigrant interviews: ca. 370
  • Radio programs
  • VCR-tapes
  • Emigrant music
  • Films/Movies
  • Museum pieces: The archives also has a holding of museum pieces like paintings and emigrant trunks.

The archives lends part of its holdings every year, searches information for genealogical and scientific research and supplies photographs for research and media. The archives are maintained by archivist Jarno Heinilä. Temporary emloyees assist in oraganizing and cataloguing the archives.


Institute of Migration sets out to disseminate information about Finnish migration by setting up exhibitions. The Institute houses permanent exhibitions as well as a large collection of artifacts from different parts of the world. Reproductions have been made of several of the exhibitions for use in countries with large communities of Finnish settlers. The main exhibitions are:

    Emigration from Finland to

  • the United States,
  • Australia,
  • Canada,
  • Delaware (”Delaware 350”) and
  • Genealogy exhibition ”Find your Roots”.

In addition temporary exhibitions are housed in the Institute.



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