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The exhibitions are open to the public weekdays 8:15 am to 4:15 pm.

Touring exhibitions

"Finglish" by photographer Vesa Oja is a photographic documentary about Finnish Americans and Finnish Canadians. It plainly reveals the dreams, utopias and homesickness of the immigrants, and documents their Finnish-flavoured American life.


The Institute has a large collection of travel trunks, which are displayed in the America-room. Lots of other items are also on display, some of them dating back a century. Gramophones, vacuum cleaners and other items bear witness of life in North America in the beginning of the 20th century.



The Australia-room features interesting items, many donated by the Australian Finn Leo Fabritius. He had a shop in Sydney and played the violin and built bottle ships in his free-time. He also knew how to throw a boomerang.


Virtual exhibitions

Exhibitions on this page are based on Powerpoint presentations which are converted to Adobe flash format for online use.

Please note that the loading might take awhile, depending on your connection speed.


 Finnish Americans in the Past and Today

 The Roots of John Morton

 Genealogist in the Footsteps of Finnish Emigrants - Online version
   - Downloadable version (PDF 26Mb, Acrobat Reader 5+ required)


 Suomalaiset maailmalla

 Suomen muuttoliikkeet ennen ja nyt

 Sukututkija siirtolaisten jäljillä (online-versio)
   - Ladattava PDF-versio (Acrobat Reader 5 tai uudempi)

 Alaskansuomalaisia tapaamassa 2008 (matkakertomus)


 Släktforskaren i emigranternas fotspår (online-version)
   - PDF-version för nerladding (Acrobat Reader 5+)



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